Georgian Footstool

Both a unique piece of furniture and a chance to showcase my abilities in carving and craftsmanship, this footstool provides four different examples of 18thc leg treatments.

The iconic ball and claw foot, delicately shaped and carved is likely the most familiar as it was widely used on high style furniture from the period. This particular leg has been lavishly adorned with a delicately unfurling acanthus leaf carving.

The pad foot is elegantly simple with its graceful curves and its delicate foot sitting atop a small turned pad.

The slipper foot is simple, clean and delicate a chance for not just the craftsmanship to shine but the beauty of the wood to reveal itself in the curves of the leg.

The trifid foot may be less common, but is no less attractive. This foot, sometimes called a drakes’ foot is lightly carved for a dramatic effect, the leg has a carved scallop shell on the knee which nicely fits the size and shape of the leg.

21" W x18" T x 17" D

Walnut, Ash, Horsehair, Embroidered Fabric

Hand rubbed blonde shellac