Ladder Back Chair

The design of this chair is by well known chair maker Brain Boggs, of Asheville South Carolina. I learned the design and construction from Brian in a two week workshop that he taught in Boston this past summer. The design of this chair has its roots in the rustic ladder back chairs of Appalachia, but has been tastefully modernized by Brianís artistic eye.

The legs and back-slats are taken from a sugar maple tree with remarkably straight grain which was necessary for successful bending.

The legs and stretchers are shaped entirely by hand, using a drawknife and spoke shave, to achieve a pleasant swell in the stretchers and the gentle taper of the legs. The Hickory bark seat is woven in a herringbone pattern and then finished with a hand rubbed Danish oil treatment.

19" W x38" T x 20" D

Sugar Maple, Hickory, Oak, Hickory Bark

Hand rubbed Danish Oil, furniture wax