Tool Chest

I use this piece to hold my most prized hand and measuring tools, and also as a showcase of hand-cut joinery. The case is made from solid wide cherry boards joined with hand-cut dovetails. The front panel is made from a single piece of highly figured curly maple which was re-sawn and bookmatched for visual appeal.

The frame-and-panel lid, when unlocked slides out of the way above the top drawer. The drawers are graduated with the visually heaviest drawer anchoring the piece at the bottom, moving up to the top drawer, just deep enough to hold my most fragile and delicate measuring tools.

The hand padded shellac finish brings out the warm subtleties in the cherry and allows it to mature to a deep rich reddish color through the passage of time and exposure to sunlight.

This piece, while sized for my unique purposes, utilizes all the same construction methods that a full size chest of drawers would require.

32" W x17" T x 18" D

Cherry, Curly Hard Maple, Soft Maple, Poplar, Polished Brass Pulls

Hand rubbed blonde shellac