A Child’s Windsor Chair

A very traditional New England chair, brought down to this diminutive size to fit a child. Each part of this Windsor chair, like the originals, is made from a specific species of wood particularly suited for that job. The crest rail and back spindles are made from a locally harvested Red Oak tree which, when steamed properly, allowed for bending.

The legs, stretchers and stiles are all made from straight-grained hard maple, which when turned on a lathe, gives very fine and crisp details. The seat is shaped from eastern white pine that is chosen for its ease of carving and strength. Together, these various parts combine to form a solid little chair that will last the wear and tear of many generations to come.

18 1/4 " W x 26 3/4 " T x 13 " D

Pine, maple, Red Oak

Milk Paint, Furniture wax